Payday Loan Debt

Repaying Payday Loan Debt

Some of my debt was for payday loans. Most of them have been…
Credit Report Defaults

Success Removing two defaults from Credit Report

I received a response to a complaint I recently made to a Debt…
Barclays Debt Letter

Barclays Bank 24 Hour Notice Letter

Received some more fan mail today from Barclays Bank. They had…
Wonga Debt Payment

Wonga Loan written off

Just thought I would share some good news for a change. One of…
Repaying Debt

Being Strict about Debt Repayments

Debt is priority number one when it comes to my expenditure.…
Getting out of Debt

How am I getting out of debt?

Today in this short post I reveal how I am tackling my debt.…
Debt Collectors Calls

Another Day another Complaint to a Debt Collection Agency

With as many debts as I have, sometimes the Debt Collection Agencies…
Debt Management Plan

Back on top of the Debt Management Plan and some reflection

It is the month of May now and I am pleased to say that all of…
Capquest Debt

Another call to Capquest

I have received some letters from Capquest chasing an overdue…