Debt Management Plan

An update on my Debt Management Plan

I recently wrote about the fact I am changing my job and I am…
Debt Collector Calls

Another pleasant Debt Collection Call

Today I realised I had forgotten to set up a new standing order…
Mackenzie Hall Letter

Another letter from Mackenzie Hall

Things have been rather quiet lately but that changed today when…
Debt Collection

Debt Collection Agencies, my thoughts so far

Over the last few years, I have spent a lot of time dealing with…
Payday Loan Debt Wonga

What happened when I didn’t pay Wonga?

I have written quite a bit about my Debt to Wonga but wanted…
Aqua Credit Card

Final Response from Aqua Card

I recently wrote about my complaint to Aqua Card about charges…
Payday Loan Debt Payday UK

Letter Received from Mackenzie Hall

Earlier on this week I received a letter from Mackenzie Hall…
Debt from Gambling

Gambling Debt

In this post I write a little about gambling debt. As you may…
Payday UK Debt

My Payday UK Debt

Another update to my debt list is my Payday UK Debt. Another…