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Another call to Capquest

I have received some letters from Capquest chasing an overdue payment for this month. This must be because they haven’t yet received my letter with a revised offer of repayment.

As you may or may not know, I have reset my Debt Management plan due to changing jobs and earning less.

After the letter from Capquest, a couple of days later I received a second letter from a company called HL Legal instructing me to contact them as soon as possible to sort out payment. Otherwise they would pursue the matter further and seek repayment of the full amount.

This is the usual tactics I expect from a Debt Collection Agency. I thought I would hold out a couple more days to see if they got my letter or not.

Capquest recently purchased my Capital One account and so are naturally looking to get the outstanding balance paid back as soon as possible. A couple of days after the HL Legal letter, I began to receive text messages on my phone. At this point I thought I should call Capquest to discuss the account to prevent any further action being taken.

Contacting Capquest

I was unable to find a suitable e-mail address for Capquest so I wrote to them instead. I have e-mailed Capquest in the past but decided to write to them instead as it took a while for them to reply last time.

With the Bank Holiday weekend I can only imagine that there is a backlog of some sort and they haven’t got round to reading my letter.

Yesterday I phoned them. Happy with my recent telephone contact with Debt Collection Agencies I thought I would see if Capquest would be as understanding as the last time I spoke to them. I called up quoting my reference number and explained that I had sent an offer of repayment to sort out the account.

Bare in mind that I haven’t made any form of payment to this account for several months. I explained that I was now not able to make payment until the 4th May and that my new payment offer would be reduced from the £5 offer I made previously.

The agent accepted this without any problems and reset the arrangement, provided me with the standing order details and sent me on my way.

Things have changed

I have said this several times but this is a far cry from when I dealt with collection agencies in 2002. They have no reason to be understanding of the situation although they should treat me fairly.

However given the lack of payment over the last few months they could try to seek a County Court Judgment. I guess had I not called them then this is what would have happened.

So another good call. How has your experiences been with Capquest? Let me know in the comments box below.

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