Debt Collector Calls

Another pleasant Debt Collection Call

Today I realised I had forgotten to set up a new standing order for my Capital One Debt. In January I received a letter informing me that Capquest had purchased the debt and they provided me with updated bank details.

I cancelled the existing standing order and was supposed to set up a new one at a later date. Unfortunately that date never happened and so for the last two months I have not paid anything.

Now I am normally pretty good with these things but working full time, working on this blog and starting my degree has resulted in my time being very constrained. I will try harder in the future though.

It was too quiet

What is odd is that I haven’t received any letters or phone calls chasing the outstanding payments. Nothing at all has happened which is surprising really.

Earlier on today I was checking the payments I make towards my debts to make sure everything was in order. It was then that I realised that I had not paid Capquest for the last two months, oops. You will be pleased to know everything else was ok though, and I do have a lot of debts!

I thought I would give Capquest a quick call and sort it out. I hadn’t spoken to them in a while and I thought it would be nice to catch up. The advisor I got at the other end was pleasant and helpful, not usually what I would expect but it does happen occasionally. In fact recently I have not had any problems at all.

I asked about the account and there was no reported problems. However only when I advised that I had not made a payment did the advisor realise that there was a problem. However for some reason their system was reporting my account as being up to date. Note to self, keep quiet until they contact me in future.

Anyway I set up a new payment plan, I treated Capquest to a slight increase in their monthly payment with me now paying £5 per month and left it at that. I then asked about a settlement figure which would be 75% of the current balance. The advisor explained in detail what would be involved, including how this would be updated on my credit file. I was happy and surprised and hung up.

Lucky, let me know your thoughts?

I am getting a bit worried because recently I have had a good run with the Debt Collection Agencies I deal with. They have all been nice, too nice in fact. Am I just very lucky or is this now how things go? Let me know your thoughts.

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