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Why you might fail a Credit Check

In this guide we take a look at why you might have failed a credit check. At the end of this guide is a link taking you to Credit Expert where you can view your credit report to investigate further. Your credit rating is important if you would like to take out credit, for example a mortgage […]

Failed Credit Check Three Mobile

I recently failed a credit check with 3 Mobile and so thought it would be a good idea to write about it and what other explanations could apply to you. Originally I applied for an iPhone on one of their pay monthly contracts but was declined. However they did offer me a Sim only plan […]

How to reduce the chances of a failed credit check?

Failing a credit check can be a huge disappointment but what can you do to minimise the chance that you will fail? This post looks at what you can do to try to avoid failure and hopefully allow you to get the credit you want. Check your Credit Report If you haven’t looked at what […]

10 Reasons why you failed a Credit Check

Whenever you apply for a loan, credit card or car finance the chances are that you will be credit checked. A credit check is used to assess whether you are likely to repay the credit extended to you and is used in combination with other factors you supply on the application form. As an example […]

Failed Credit Check Capital One

Being someone with Bad Credit, I have failed a Credit Check with Capital One. In my case I think the answer was down to affordability, which is one of the many factors a lender will take into account when deciding on whether to approve, or to decline your application for credit. When you reach get […]

How to get Interest and Charges Frozen on your Debt

When you are in debt, the last thing you want is to still be being charged interest and charges on your outstanding balance. Whilst in an ideal world all of your creditors would not charge additional interest and charges when you are in debt, sadly some of them do. All this does though is keep […]

How to get a Free Credit Report?

Checking your Credit Report is a good idea. You could find things on there that shouldn’t be there, duplicate information or maybe even incorrect information. Sadly not everything in life is perfect and sometimes mistakes are made. The same holds true for the information on your credit report in that it might not always be […]

Capital One Card Review – More in depth

This is my Capital One Credit Card Review, covering the application, being approved and what happened when I stopped making payments. A review with a twist if you like. If you are not in debt, or have just got out of debt and are looking to start rebuilding your credit rating, then Capital One have […]

Dealing with a County Court Judgment

So you have received a County Court Judgment have you? Not to worry, below I look at how you can deal with one and where you can get help if you are still unsure about what to do. Dealing with a County Court Judgment Let’s take a look at the steps you should go through when dealing […]