Debt Management Plan

Back on top of the Debt Management Plan and some reflection

It is the month of May now and I am pleased to say that all of my repayment offers have been accepted. What a lot of work that was, phew but at least the Debt Management plan is back on track. I start my new Job in little over a week and I feel a lot happier about the move knowing that my debt repayments are back on track.

The Debt is here to stay, for a while at least

Of course the debt is still hanging around, but it is good to know that everything is in order. All the standing orders have been changed and the first batch of payments for phase two of my debt management plan have departed the bank account, leaving a hole behind them. Still that’s one month closer to getting to the top of the debt mountain.

It’s been 9 months since I opened the doors to Debt Advice Blog. I have scanned in over 1000 pieces of paper from debt collection agencies and creditors. Madness I know! Visitor traffic has been steadily increasing, a few people have e-mailed to ask questions and some of you have commented to ask for some help or just to say hi. It’s been a lot of work getting to where the blog is now but it has been worth it. Long it may continue.

Moving on

Back to the debt. Sorry. So anyway things are back on track now which is good. There is still a very long distance to travel, a lot of money to pay back but it will happen. Debt Free day gets closer, although for now it is still comfortably in the distance. One day we will meet. Until then all we can do is enjoy the journey as best we can.

The Big Debt Plans out of the window

I am still not sure how to settle some of the smaller debts. I did make some plans earlier on this year but these plans got derailed when I decided to change my job. I had to get out it was the only way. I was hoping to settle a number of the smaller debts, but I doubt this will happen now. Sorry to disappoint you. Maybe next year, or as the saying goes ‘jam tomorrow’.

At this moment in time, the plan is to continue to update this debt advice blog with all the latest goings on in Debtville, provide help where I can and continue to make payments towards my debt management plan. So long as I am in debt, I might as well make something positive out of it. Hopefully some of you can see the situation I am in and feel better about your own. Maybe you can take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.

Next year will hopefully be when things start to move more quickly, but that depends on if I can get a salary increase and progress with my new place of work. If not then all I can do is carry on with what I am doing. The debt will be paid off eventually.

For now though, here we are. Let’s see how things go for the next twelve months.

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