Barclays Debt Letter

Barclays Bank 24 Hour Notice Letter

Received some more fan mail today from Barclays Bank. They had sent through a 24 Hour Notice Letter. I thought that’s odd I could have swore I set up an arrangement to pay them but apparently not.

The letter appears to be designed to insight some sort of action on behalf of the recipient. I was completely confused as to why I received this letter because I only spoke to them at the end of September to sort out repayment.

The letter said the following.

24 Hour Notice

All previous communications regarding demand for payment of your account have been disregarded and no satisfactory proposals have been received by ourselves.

As a result we intend to commence one or more of the following proceedings in order to recover the outstanding debt: –

1. Personal Visit to your Home Address by arrangement.

2. The referral of your account to a professional Debt Collection Agency.

As a final opportunity, prior to one or more of the above proceedings being taken, we are prepared to withhold further action for a period of 24 hours to enable you to contact this office.


Yours sincerely

Barclays Bank

What did I do about the Barclays 24 Hour Notice Letter?

I called them and asked why I had received the above letter. So far as I was aware there was an arrangement in place for £10.77 per month. Apparently not though, the advisor informed me no arrangement was in place. I set one up over the phone and said I would make payment by Standing Order.

That was all cleared up then. I was also asked if I would be interested in settling the account for £400. I wish I could I said but I have too much debt and not enough money to pay it. So on the face of it this letter is just designed to get you to call them. I called them because I was perplexed as to why no arrangement was in place. You can always write to them if you don’t like contacting them by phone. However your letter may not get there in time.

Had I ignored the letter my best guess is that it would have been transferred to a Debt Collection Agency called Buchanan Clark and Wells. I have other debts with them so it wouldn’t have been a problem.

What can you do about these letters?

If you are getting these types of letters from Barclays Bank then you can either call them or write to them with your offer of repayment. Alternatively if you are struggling you could check out my StepChange Review.

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