Debt Collection Email Addresses

Can you contact a Debt Collection Agency by Email?

A number of people have found my Blog by typing in this search term through Google Search. The short answer is yes, you can contact a debt collection agency by e-mail.

10 years ago, it was much more difficult, but things have moved on considerably since then and the debt collection agencies have caught up with the times.

It does also depend on the Debt Collection Agency you are dealing with though. I speak to a large number of Debt Collection agencies using e-mail and I find it quicker and sometimes easier than calling in.

Fredrickson International is one agency where I have not been able to find an e-mail address. But they do have an online account you can use to send messages that way.

One thing to bear in mind is that e-mail is not secure and anything you send by e-mail could be intercepted by someone who is not meant to see the message. This is especially important if you are providing personal details as if these get into the wrong hands, you could have a problem. Please bear that in mind.

Here are a list of Debt Collection Agencies I have contacted by e-mail.

Lowell Group

post @

I have contacted Lowell on the above e-mail address numerous times without any issues. I always get an answer, usually within a couple of days.

ARC Europe

collections @

Another e-mail address I use successfully. I have sent offers of repayment and made general queries using this address.

Mackenzie Hall

mem @

This particular address is used for Payday UK accounts, and I would guess any other Payday Lenders who fall under the Month End Money group of companies. I have used this address without issue and received replies.


customers @

I have used this address to raise queries on my accounts and also to offer repayment plans. They can be very slow to respond but they do eventually.

Buchanan Clark and Wells

general @

I use this e-mail address a lot and I always get a response. Normally within around 3 working days, sometimes a little longer.

Allied International Credit

contactuk @

I no longer deal with this company but can confirm that they do respond on this address. Normally by post. It can take a while for someone to get back to you though.

Face2Face Contact

contact @

I no longer deal with this company but when I used the above address, I always got a quick response.


drs @

I use the above to contact DRS about my Wageday Advance and UncleBuck payday loan accounts. I normally get a response within a couple of hours or even minutes depending on when I e-mail them.


queries @

I have used the above address and I normally receive a reply through the post after about a week, sometimes longer.


offers @ wescot

Just found this address and sent an offer of repayment so will see how quick they are and let you know.

Finding e-mail addresses of Debt Collection Agencies

There are a number of ways you might be able to find out the e-mail address of a debt collection agency. Sometimes they will actually print it onto any letters you receive from them. Other times you can ask when you call them.

Another way is to search Google for or .com and see if that returns any results. Checking the company website could also give you a clue as to which e-mail address you can use.

Do you have any Debt Collection Agency E-Mail addresses?

That’s all I have but if you have any e-mail addresses of your own, please feel free to comment below with the details.

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