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Credit Karma Review

Those of you who may have read my recent post talking about where to get a free credit report will know that I use Credit Karma to check my credit report for free.

Today I am writing a review of Credit Karma who I have been using for the last six months to keep an eye on my credit file without it costing me a penny. If you would like to find out more about what I think of the service from Credit Karma, read on.

Where is the data from?

The data for Credit Karma is provided by TransUnion, one of the four credit reference agencies in the UK. This means that you may not see all of your accounts on here as not all financial providers will report their information to Credit Karma.

Signing up to Credit Karma

This was a fairly straight forward process. You are asked for some basic information and then things get more interesting. The reason being is that you are asked about account information as part of Credit Karma verifying you are who you say you are.

As an example you could be asked a question like ‘in September 2009 you opened a current account with’ and then some answers are presented for you to choose from. If your memory is like mine you may struggle!

The final step was to input my debit card details. This is also to help identify you. No money is taken from your account and your card details are not stored after this point. It depends on how you feel about this, I was fine with it but you may not be.

From there I was in and got a copy of my credit report for free as promised.

Using Credit Karma

As soon as I logged in I was presented with what they rate my credit score as and gave me a credit rating which if you want to know was 1/5. This effectively means my credit rating is garbage but never mind, I am working on rebuilding my credit score.

On the page you are taken to when you log into the site you can navigate through the various parts of your credit report. This page contains your credit score and credit rating information. You can also see your personal information too as an example.

The menu on the left hand side allows you to browse through your credit report to see the accounts being reported to TransUnion, your Electoral Roll details and details of any public records held about you. There are a number of other options too on this menu and it is a great way to navigate around the site to get to the information you need.

There are also options to see if you are matched to any credit cards or personal loans. This allows you to check which lenders may accept your application along with a percentage of how likely a lender is to accept your application. This can all be done without affecting your credit. I suspect this area is how Credit Karma makes some money as they most likely get a kick back from any successful applications.

Monthly Updates

You can update your credit report with Credit Karma once every 30 days. You get an email to let you know that it can be updated again in case you forget. This is the norm for this kind of service and is exactly the same as the services I paid for in the past.

Concluding my Credit Karma Review

For a free way to check your credit report Credit Karma tick all the boxes. They do offer some upsells such as ID protection if you wanted it. However for a free way to check your credit report you should consider trying them out, especially if you are looking towards improving your credit rating.

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