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Dealing with the Stress of Debt

Today I thought I would share some advice on how you can deal with the stress of debt. Debt is something close to my heart, because for one I am in debt and two, I know what it is like living with it.

The first piece of advice I will share with you is this:

Get Help.

One of the biggest challenges someone in debt can face is how to deal with it. When you are placed in a situation you know nothing about, when you are a couple of days away from the bailiffs visiting, that is when you need to get help. Ideally you should never let things get that bad, but some of us do.

If you are looking to get help with your debt then may I recommend the following organisations: –

  • StepChange Debt Charity
  • National Debtline
  • Payplan

The above are not companies designed to make money out of you. Give them a call or visit their websites to get started with sorting out your debt problems. You will feel much better afterwards.

Taking Control of your Debt

Taking control of your debts takes some time and effort, I have been at this for five years now and still have a lot of debt outstanding.

For all the advice you can read, all the moral support you can get there is still one thing to face. Tackling your debt. Depending on how complex your situation is, you may be able to take control yourself, especially if you only have a couple of non priority debts.

If your situation involves different types of debts such as council tax debt or mortgage arrears then definitely, before it is too late you should discuss this with a professional. I made mention to a charity called StepChange at the beginning of this post, you could also consider talking to Payplan.

You see the first thing you can do to relieve the stress of debt is to get help. Which is better? Your current situation or having a proper plan in place to sort out your debts? Personally I think the second option is a much more attractive proposition.

Dealing with the Stress of Debt

It is important to have a plan in place to help deal with your debts. That’s a given. However how do you deal with the stress once you have something in place? Well if you have used someone like StepChange Debt Charity or Payplan, they will take away most of the stress for you.

If you find you are stressed because you are in debt then consider this. Do you feel better now you have a way forward? Of course being in Debt, no matter whether you are dealing with it or not still carries a certain level of stress, however if you are doing something about it then you needn’t stress out too much. Conversely if you are not dealing with your debt, now is definitely the time to get things moving.

Think about your end goal, to be debt free and focus on that. At some point in time your debt will no longer be an issue, no matter how bad things may seem now. It is important to think about getting to the end of your debt journey because it will help you see that there is an end to the situation you currently find yourself in.

The Stress of Debt

Speaking on a completely personal level, the most stressful part of my debt journey was the beginning. It was utter chaos having over twenty companies bombarding me for repayment. Putting a plan in place to start making payments made things so much more easier. It was like a huge weight had been lifted off me, and if you are thinking about getting help, you could feel the same way too.

So in my opinion, most of the stress from debt is caused when you have no plan in place, no idea how you are going to tackle the problem and no idea when you might be out of debt.

And that leads me to the whole point of this post, getting help is the best way to cope with the stress of debt.

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