Help with Debt

The organisations listed on this page can help you with your debt. Some of them can offer you a free debt management plan but in all cases they will act in your best interests.

Clicking on these links will take you to the respective organisation allowing you to get started with sorting out your debt problems in confidence and without any pressure.

StepChange Debt Charity

StepChange Debt Charity formerly the Consumer Credit Counselling Service have been helping customers with debt problems since 1993. Around 400,000 customers a year use the services of StepChange and they aim to help you get your life back on track.

They don’t charge for things like a Debt Management Plan and are well known in the industry. The advice they offer is impartial and they are worth getting in touch with if you have problems with debt.

– I have written a Review of StepChange Debt Charity.


Payplan are another organisation who can provide you with Debt Help and Advice. They currently offer their services to 1000′s of people every month. Payplan can offer you a free Debt Management Plan and can also provide assistance with other debt solutions along with advice.