Failed Credit Check Three Mobile

I recently failed a credit check with 3 Mobile and so thought it would be a good idea to write about it and what other explanations could apply to you.

Originally I applied for an iPhone on one of their pay monthly contracts but was declined. However they did offer me a Sim only plan which I did take up with them and happily used that for two years. I was never able to pass the credit check for a pay monthly phone with Three event thought I was an existing customer who paid their bills on time.

My credit rating is very poor so it was no surprise they declined me. It was to be expected and was perfectly fine.

Reasons why you could have Failed a Credit Check with Three?

Below we will take a look at some reasons why you may have failed the credit check with Three.

Not on the Electoral Roll

Part of the Credit check is an ID check so if you are not on the Electoral Roll this could explain why you have been declined.

You have Adverse Credit

If you have any adverse credit on your report then this will usually result in your application being declined. If the data is quite old – say over four years ago you may be OK but this will depend on Three Mobiles own assessment. Some of my adverse credit is quite recent.

Lots of Credit Searches in a short space of time

If you have made a large number of credit searches recently this could well be causing you problems. Best thing to do here is to lay off applying for while. By continuing to make multiple applications you only risk further harm to your credit rating and that will not help you in the long run.

A mistake on the application form

If you made a mistake on the application form such as spelling your name incorrectly this could have caused your application to fail. You should probably contact Three to explain what happened and ask them to reconsider.

The above is not an exhaustive list and when you were told your application was declined you should have been given a general idea as to why it was declined.


It might be you already have a lot of other credit accounts and adding this new account from Three Mobile could cause you issues.

What can you do if you failed the credit check with Three?

If you haven’t made a mistake on the application then you should consider investigating further why you have been declined.

When your application as declined you should have been given a general reason as to why that decision was reached. Usually you may have seen something like ‘Based on the data obtained from Experian we are unable to continue with your application’. What this means is that Three Mobile has seen something on your Credit Report they don’t like and that’s why you have been declined.

With the above in mind you should probably consider checking your credit report as a first place to start. You can get a free Credit Report from Credit Karma and I have written a Credit Karma Review so feel free to take a look.

Once you have your Credit Report you should put together a plan to start rebuilding your credit history. This can be a simple as making sure all your payments from now on are on time. You may spot a mistake on your credit report and this happens more often than you think. In that case you should get the error corrected as soon as possible.

The other thing to remember here is that whilst Three Mobile has declined you, other networks may accept you. In my case after waiting for two years and still failing a credit check with Three, I applied with O2 for an iPhone and was accepted.

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