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How to get a Free Credit Report?

Checking your Credit Report is a good idea. You could find things on there that shouldn’t be there, duplicate information or maybe even incorrect information.

Sadly not everything in life is perfect and sometimes mistakes are made. The same holds true for the information on your credit report in that it might not always be correct.

Credit Expert Offer a 30 Day Free Trial which allows you to view your Free Experian Credit Report. Experian are one of the Credit Reference Agencies in the UK who provide information when a bank or other lender performs a credit search.

What information can you see on your Credit Report?

  • You will see the information that lenders see when you make an application for credit.
  • You can be notified when information is changed on your credit report.
  • You could improve your credit rating, especially if you find incorrect information on there and have it removed.
  • Whether any late payment markers have been set.
  • If you have any defaults or arrears on your accounts.
  • Any credit searches performed within the last 12 months.
  • Any financial associations you have.

Why would you check your credit report?

If you are making an application for credit, it is usually a good idea to check that the information on your credit report is correct. Incorrect information could mean you are charged more interest or worse, you are declined for credit.

When you make an application for credit, your credit report is searched with one of the credit reference agencies in the UK. The lender in conjunction with the other information you provide, will make their decision to lend or not based on what they see and their own internal lending policies.

Incorrect information could mean you are declined or charged more interest, seeing this information on your credit report and getting it corrected could save you time and money.

ID Fraud is also quite common and if anything is happening you would be able to see it on your credit report. Acting fast could limit any possible damage done. That’s where the alerts would come in useful, so if something happens on your credit report and you didn’t know about it, you can do something about it.

What other things can Credit Expert Do?

  • There are alerts that can be sent to you by e-mail or text when something on your credit report changes.
  • You can get advice from Experian on your credit report.

What others things can you see on your credit report?

There are other pieces of information as well. Listed below are some examples of what you can see: –

Who are Credit Expert?

They are known as Experian and are one of the largest and most established credit reference agencies in the UK. They can offer you your Free Experian Credit Report for 30 days, unless you have been a customer of theirs previously.

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