Luma Card Reviews

Luma Credit Card Review

A friend of mine recently applied for a Luma Credit Card so I asked him if he would give me a review of it.

He kindly agreed so today I am writing this Luma Card Review. This review covers the application and what happened after the application was made.

The Application Process

My friend applied for the Luma Card online. His expectations were that he would not be accepted as his credit score isn’t the best. However he thought he would give it a shot anyway as he could use a credit card to make online purchases easier.

He entered the usual details you would expect when making a credit card application and waited for a response. It took about ten minutes to fill in the form before hitting the apply button. The system went through three boxes named Step 1 to 3 before presenting the decision on the screen, or in this case the outcome of the application.

The Online Decision Process

Luma were unable to offer my friend an instant response and instead said they would contact him in the post to confirm if his application had been approved or not. The system reported that Luma needed to perform some additional checks and that they may be in touch to request some additional information. In all that process can take up to 7 working days. So my friend forgot about it expecting to be declined.

The Decision from Luma Card

To my friends surprise, he was approved for a Luma Credit Card with an initial limit of £200. Probably a sensible initial credit limit if you ask me. In all it took about 10 days or so to receive the credit card along with the pin number.

Luma are part of Capital One it seems so if you have an outstanding debt with them, you are unlikely to be approved. If the Luma card is used sensibly it could help you to rebuild your credit but be careful not to spend more than you can afford to pay back, otherwise you could end up in debt.

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