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I have used Mazuma Mobile a number of times now so thought I would share a review of my experiences using Mazuma Mobile. I decided to sell a Galaxy S2 Mobile phone because I had dropped it and the bottom right hand part of the plastic was warped and rough. I would have used eBay as I might have got more money but I have encountered a lot of people buying my stuff, saying its faulty then returning it to me. Despite the fact that the stuff still works. Anyway I wanted a hassle free way of selling my phone and I have seen Mazuma advertise on the television so I thought I would give them a go. Other reviews on the Internet filled me with confidence as well.

I entered in my phones details and was given an offer price. The price seemed fair and was worth it for the speed and ease of selling the phone. I printed off the return forms and packaged up my phone. I decided to send my phone using Royal Mail Special Delivery as the standard Mazuma postage would not have provided enough coverage in the event my phone was lost, stolen or damaged.

Using the Special Delivery service meant that my phone arrived the next morning and I received an e-mail from Mazuma confirming this. I had asked for the money to be transferred to my bank account as this would be faster than waiting for a cheque and then paying it into the bank.

The next e-mail I received confirmed that the money had been sent to my bank account. I checked my bank account about 30 minutes later and there it was, the money I was waiting for.

I have since used Mazuma and each time the service has been flawless. I can recommend them as a very easy way to sell your phone but beware that you won’t get as much as you would selling it yourself. I got the offer price despite the damage to bottom right hand corner of the phone. I think Mazuma are only interested in water damage or if the phone doesn’t turn on.

What have your experiences been like using Mazuma Mobile?

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