Review of StepChange Debt Charity

StepChange Debt Charity Review

This is my review of StepChange Debt Charity and a Debt Management Plan I recently set up with them. StepChange provide free debt support and advice and also offer free debt management plans. They are a lifeline for those struggling with debt. They help lots of people each and every year so here is my review.

Getting started

Initially I visited the StepChange Website and used their Debt Remedy system. Debt Remedy essentially takes the information you provide and then outlines a solution for your debts. I provided the following information: –

  • Personal Details.
  • Information about my Income.
  • Information about my Expenses.
  • Information about my Debts.

Once I finished the application the Debt Remedy System made recommendations based on the information I provided. In this case StepChange Debt Remedy recommended an IVA as a solution for my debts. I didn’t want an IVA and instead requested more information about their Debt Management Plan. They also listed these other solutions as well.

The Next Steps

After 24 hours I received the information required to set up a debt management plan by e-mail. There was a Direct Debit Mandate to set up my payment to StepChange and a form I needed to sign authorising StepChange to act on my behalf.

I was also asked to send account numbers over for each debt I owed. This could all be e-mailed to StepChange or you could return the information by post as well. I decided to e-mail it as that would be quickest.

After a couple of days I received a phone call to confirm everything and a couple of days after that I received confirmation my plan was up and running, along with details of how to access the online service.

The online service is good as it provides an overview of your debts along with a way to update information should you need to. You can see your payment

Concluding my review of StepChange Debt Charity

They were very good and getting up and running with a Debt Management Plan was very easy. The process was quite quick and done with the minimum of fuss. Their Debt Remedy system is also very good making providing the required information a breeze. In all I would highly recommend them, even though I have started to self managed my debt again. For someone who would like a Debt Management Plan they are worth a look.

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