Offer of Repayment Letter Example

Wonga Repayment Plan

Recently I had trouble with a Wonga Payday Loan and arranging a Wonga repayment plan.

I e-mailed the Wonga collections team to advise that I could not afford to repay my loan, and made an offer to pay back the account over six months.

I did not want to extend my loan as the interest meant I could never repay it. I had borrowed £1000 and had £1458 to repay.

Going Round in Circles

It was a difficult experience setting up  my Wonga repayment plan. This was because no matter what I did, I was always asked to call the Wonga collections team, which I did not want to do.

In any event I had put everything Wonga needed into the e-mail. I even included an income and expenditure form so Wonga could see all my income, expenses and other debts I had.

All I needed was their bank account details so I could setup a standing order and forget about it.

Taking things Further

After going round in circles I got fed up of getting nowhere and found the e-mail address for the CEO of Wonga. Once I found the address I wrote another letter to him and to my surprise he responded and everything was sorted.

I was advised that this is not how Wonga would normally operate and that my repayment plan should have been set up.

Setting up a Wonga Repayment Plan

If you are struggling with repaying your Wonga loan then the first thing you should do is to contact Wonga to see if they can help.

If what Wonga propose is not possible then you should write back with an offer of repayment, an example letter can be found on this blog and if you want to send an Income and Expenditure Form, one of those is available here too.

You should also consider changing your Bank Account and or cancelling your debit card. I moved to another bank account as I had heard that Wonga could try to empty my account. I also made sure that my salary was paid into the new account as well.

When you don’t get a response from Wonga

If you don’t get anywhere then do what I did and search Google for the CEO’s e-mail address. That way you might be able to get a repayment plan in place.

I would hope that you don’t have to do this as I had been assured that things would change.

Let me know how you get on.

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